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It all started on someone's birthday.

Four friends gathered around to give gifts to each other. It had been the same as every other birthday and all was going well. One of the friends began opening all his gifts up, and was overjoyed with the gifts he was receiving. However, there was one gift with no label and no hint as to who purchased the gift.

Curious, all friends gathered and opened the gift, to see the contents inside. Everyone was in shock and realized that the gift inside was:

 A BOMB?!? 

Everyone panics and starts passing the gift back and forth frantically. In a desperate attempt to give away the gift no one wants, each friend must do their best to try and get the bomb off of their hands.

A 4 player PvP top-down game puts players against each other to see who will get left with the mysterious bomb in the giftbox.  Avoid the gift at all costs!


Player 1: WASD - Movement, E - Throw gift

Player 2: Arrow Keys - Movement, 0 on numpad - Throw Gift

Players 3 & 4: Analog sticks - Movement, A - Throw Gift

REGIFT was created during Ontario Tech Game Development Society's Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "A gift you couldn't give."


Builds.zip 23 MB

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